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How to take care of tires to make them last longer?

1. Do not charge the vehicle in excess, the car specifications documents should state how much you can cary. If you must load your car to maximum weigh you should adjust the tire pressure as recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.
2. Beware of the wheel rim, a tire on a curb bent or deformed by a blow can cause a loss of pressure or a blow-up.
3. Drive peacefully, the way you drive directly affects the life of the tires.
4. Avoid curbs, climb a curb may vary the alignment of a wheel.
5. Be especially careful if you travel on unpaved roads, the stones can damage the tires.
6. Check the tire pressure, excess or defect of a tire inflation is critical for the wear out.
7. Rotate your tires periodically so the wear out will be more homogeneous, the most recommended way of doing this is to swap each side from front to back and vice versa but it depends on the type of car (rear wheel drive, front, four-wheel drive). About every 8’000 km.

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This entry was posted on 14 de June de 2012 by in Cars.

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