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New EU driving license

From today every new or renewed driving license within the European Union will have this format. A credit card style will replace the more than 100 different paper and plastic formats currently in use across the 27 European member states. This new format has better security protection which will improve road safety and fraud.

Existing licenses are not affected until they get renewed or latest by 2033.

The European driving license will carry standard format information easy to read by officials in all member states. Making it easier for people moving from one country to another within the EU. It will make it harder for drivers banned in one country to carry on driving undetected or getting a clear driving license in another EU country too.

New categories of vehicles are introduce including a separate category for mopeds and a step by step system to access more powerful bikes based on experience.

For the moment you will still need an international driving permit outside the EU and no changes will apply to the actual driving test requirements which vary widely across the union.

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