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Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal

There are many beautiful places to visit in the Algarve coast. One of them is the Benagil Cave, located 150 meters east of the small beach of Benagil in the little town of Benagil.

Benagil town, beach and cave, Algarve

Benagil town, beach and cave, Algarve

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This cave was form by erosion and has two main entrances, a huge collapsed roof, an inner grotto and a beautiful secluded beach of sand.

Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal

Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal

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To visit the caves you can contract a special tour directly on Benagil beach or wait until the sea calms down and go swimming. Kayaking could be a very good option too but no one is allowed to rent them nearby anymore.

Praia da Benagil

Praia da Benagil

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